Ranoh Island

ranoh island

Have you at any point known of Ranoh island in Batam? A few of us perhaps are as yet new to this one of the island in Batam, particularly if you come from abroad. Formerly, this island was an uninhabited and have natural beach located on an island that has the same name as the beach, Ranoh island. After several months closed for public, Ranoh beach was revived and rebranding as Adventure Ranoh Island.

banana boat ranoh island
Banana Boat
ranoh island tour

Presently, under the brand name of Adventure Ranoh Island the island come back with resort facilities which made them considerably progressively delightful and relaxing.

Remained overnight at the lovely Island. Water sports were incredible and nourishment was magnificent. Banana boat, Canoeing, Fat Boyz, Obstacle course, Archery, Volley Ball, etc.

Chilling on the beach sand. We recommend you requested the crab and scallop and some snail-looking thing. They set it up truly well. Suggest the sambal merah.

Settlement was worthy in the glamping tents. Cooling around evening time, exceptionally sweltering in the day. In any case, it’s alright since we’re out swimming in the day.

Swimming was okay, then again, actually I was very humiliated that the staff continued slaughtering the ocean urchins to draw in the fishes. The seabed ought to be disregarded.

Water Park

Ranoh beach, located on Ranoh island. This island is as yet one waters with Abang Island. All the more decisively, this small island is located right between the islands of Abang Besar and Abang Kecil Island, sandwiched between them.

With its area in the center between two islands, making the island has quiet ocean water, the waves are quiet. The beach also has its own snorkeling spot in front of the island.

The coral reef is not that special, but it has many clown fish or known as nemo fish make their home here. That is very energizing for the traveler. Sp

Ranoh beach or known as Ranoh Island, which is presently under the administration of Adventure Ranoh Island, is about 75 minutes away from Batam Center, or around an hour and a half away from Nagoya.

ranoh island maps

The adventure divide into 2 trips, both land and sea. Land travel can be come to by private vehicles or by open transportation, with restricted decision and not traveler agreeable.

So the end is, to go to Ranoh island for visitor, it is profoundly prescribed to utilize private vehicles, either by lease, or by utilizing trip specialist benefits that generally include transportation in their Adventure Ranoh Island bundle.

Land travel will take a limit of an hour. From the outset it looks long adventure, yet en route you will appreciate a wonderful view. Also, you will go through an entire arrangement of Barelang Bridges which have an aggregate of 6 bridges interfacing islands around Batam, from Batam island to Galang Baru island.

Land travel will end at the port of Labun Island. At the point when this article was composed, Adventure Ranoh Island’s port was still under development, so the port used to cross to Ranoh Island still utilized the port of Labun Island Resort.

Next, the adventure proceeds by speedboat for around a short ways from the port. For those of you who fear the ocean, there is no compelling reason to stress, on the grounds that the waves in this locale are not very huge and are genuinely quiet.

Furthermore, every visitor is required to wear a real existence coat during a speedboat trip, which by one way or another will includes your certainty level, right?

There are 2 kinds of speed boat used to go to Ranoh Island, which are enormous speed vessel with a most extreme limit of 75 individuals and little speed vessel with a limit of 15 individuals. The photograph above is the large one.

speed boat to ranoh island
Large Speed Boat


All things considered, to be note that, to go to Ranoh Island, it can’t be simply come or stroll in. It is required to book in any event one day before to get the affirmation or booking code. Without it, we can’t enter the breakwater. Experience Ranoh Island bundle can be gotten through a trip specialist, or legitimately through Rental Mobil Batamku. Check the bundle by clicking the button below!

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